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Feel the Difference is a sister site of 
We have been retailing and wholesaling thousands of items in a multitude of product categories for close to 20 years: health, beauty, fitness, food, drink, pets, baby, toiletries, household, etc.
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In the last several months, due to the COVID pandemic, demand has grown for our  items (PPE, Food, Drink, Supplements, Confectionery, etc) and now a separate division has been set

up to wholesale our products both nationally and internationally.

Feel the Difference is a family run business. We source items both nationally and internationally, and our strong relationship with both our suppliers and clients enable us to deliver the most popular and niche brands nationally and globally at the best prices. 

We are currently serving wholesale clients in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA, from small businesses to chain stores and large trading houses. We are always looking to expand into new markets and sectors. 

Please CONTACT US with any trade enquiries, GET A QUOTE,  or sign upto our NEWSLETTER for latest deals.

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